About Us

Who We Are

our_team_2We are a team of highly motivated individuals, managing the most preferred chain of international pre schools, providing early childhood education by engaging the children in experiential learning and with the usage of the latest technology. We partner with the parents and treat them as active participants in the development of their children resulting in creation of unyielding foundation for the children to carve out their future. We at Octopus Kids International preschool believe that children are the future of tomorrow and they need to be given the right knowledge and information at the right time. Children are great imitators and we need to give them something great to imitate. We enlighten them to make better global citizens.


What We Do

360 degree Preschool Program.

Octopus Kids recognized as the best Preschool believes that every child has unlimited potential and it just needs to be explored by exposing the child to age appropriate activities. Keeping in mind that every child has 9 different types of intelligences as defined by Dr. Howard Gardner, the 360 degree program exposes the child to varied activities keeping the all round development that is the 360 degree development of the child in mind..

Parent Toddler Program.
Activity center.
Learning center
Moral Values.

Our Mission

The mission at Octopus Kids International Preschool, Learning Center and Activity center is to focus on the holistic growth and development of the child and to provide quality education to the children and to provide a safe and nurturing environment where the children are comfortable to learn in. Children are a treasure house of sympathy, kindness, generosity, curiosity, love, innocence and happiness. Our effort at Octopus Kids is to enliven our children to unlock this treasure. We at Octopus Kids believe that each child is unique and special in their own little ways. They are a blessing to our society and we at Octopus Kids endear them the way they are.